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Brands Overview

Fields of Development Program (FODP)

Using our Subjective Probability (SP) algorithm, we collect, process, and interpret qualitative data to determine which fields, categories, and applications are considered susceptible to adjustments, changes or transformations. The amalgamated list is further qualified by specific pursuits of products or services that are vulnerable to obsolescence, contracting profit margins or general decline of market share. Once this second-level data has been processed and interpreted, a new data search commences to determine if a different product or service category may have the potential to evolve into a commercial asset. Upon this point, we have reduced the search to potential candidates that warrant a financial commitment to commence a Phase One virtual assessment. During this period, at our expense we may execute a business model, prototypes, conduct renderings, create software profiles, or launch a limited marketing program, including initial commercial sales. At the end of the period, CommerceByUs has a bonfire product or service to begin Phase Two.

Branding Materials

Phase Two commences when the idea candidate successfully completes the standard activities under Phase One. We plan to conduct two studies: (1) An independent cashflow analysis for a projected three-year cycle to determine the best course of action to fund and fully commercialize the idea. (2) A market research study to verify the viability of the new service or product conducted directly with potential customers. Once we determined the target market and obtain opinions and other feedback from consumers about their interest in the product or service, we design a long-term funding and execution platform under Phase Three.


In Phase Three all funding is provided by CommerceByUs,Inc. to determine and develop the product or business idea. At this stage, the idea has been determined to have commercial value. Permanent structure of the idea as a standalone business has five options: (1) Our operating division, (2) Joint Venture ownership for capital and/or expertise, (3) Sold whole or in part to a third party, (4) Distribute the business to our shareholders of Inc., and (5) Liquidate for value.

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