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Qualified FODPs

Wrinkle Ersatz Factor X-29

CommerceByUs plans to test and market a proprietary ointment that significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles and lines on human skin. However, meaningful human trials were not conducted to prove its efficiency.


Overview: CommerceByUs acquired the formula and confidential data that suggests that the application proved successful. With the use of our exclusive skin tension applicator and the ointment’s process of margination, the result last 4-hours before reapplication. Currently, no product on the commercial market equals to the achievement of Wrinkle Ersatz Factor X-29. 

Woman with Hand on Face

Objective: CommerceByUs plans to conduct lab experiments on animals and on human cells to be completed by September 15, 2021.  Upon the promising results of the studies, a protocol for direct human testing will be designed by clinical research specialists and statisticians. Such testing will be reviewed and monitored by the Institutional Review Board. The intent is to ensure the research meets ethical and scientific standards to protect the participants. Upon these events, the Company plans to actively solicit a joint venture partner to invest $500,000 to commence FDA analytical protocols and to test a qualified number of individuals to determine dermal toxicity, potential irritancy, contact sensitization, phototoxicity, and photo allergenicity of the topical Wrinkle Ersatz Factor X-29.  With the successful conclusion of these studies, the Company intends to establish a secure manufacturing facility to produce sufficient product to meet projected levels of demand.


Funding Requirements: Since the formula and confidential data confirmed the worth of the idea as a viable commercial product, no further costs are necessary. CommerceByUs proposed to spend $13,000, which includes patent filing and processing, to be allocated to conduct due diligence to maintain confidentiality of the formula and solicit a viable partner(s) to invest at least $500,000 for human testing ($125,000) and the fabrication of a plant ($375,000) capable of producing 5,000 to 7,500 units per month for a six-month marketing cycle of ointment and related accessories. 


Projected launch date is the second calendar quarter of 2022. The registered domain names and have been established for website construction brand enrichment.

Forecast:  The Cosmetic Skin Care market in the U.S. is estimated at US$39.2 Billion in the year 2020. If Wrinkle Ersatz Factor X-29 confirms the current data, it would be a major category disruptor and the most successful cosmetic launch since permanent hair color.   The Company makes no assurance that Wrinkle Ersatz Factor X-29 would qualify as a safe and effective product.

CommerceByUs plans to publish an online FinTech magazine using a proprietary algorithm. Under the title CrystalBallTraders, it will provide investors and others with a method of predicting future events, forward-looking market analysis and insights to uncover portfolio possibilities and identify potential challenges while traversing financial markets.


Overview: Recently, the Company acquired certain commercial analytical systems and applications that have become the basis of the proposed online magazine. We have consolidated such assets and designed a proprietary platform called G-101 algorithm with its primary feature of predicting future investment trends and strategies.  G-101 applies a combination of proprietary databases, computer modeling and applied research skills to conjure anomalies in trading patterns and other inconsistencies that can effectively “tag” markets and individual stock movements.  


Objective: The Company plans to launch as an online financial magazine in the second calendar quarter of 2021. With the main stages of development completed, the equipment and systems in place, the analytics fully tested, all significant costs have been paid, the price to launch makes an ideal candidate with the potential of immediate cashflow.


Funding Requirements: As part of the FinTech assets acquired and fully paid by the Company, the only expenditures will relate directly to website development and marketing. The limited risk of executing this idea makes the probability of success even greater. To commercialize the idea, the Company plans to utilize $30,000 from working capital and elsewhere. No further capital will be added to the idea unless $40,000 in gross receipts are earned from this endeavor.  Therefore, success or failure of shall be determined by its capability of creating positive cash flow over a 12-month period from commercial launch. 

Forecast: If positive cashflow can be attained, the Company plans to launch daily podcasting. Online FinTech magazines and podcasting are in reality early stages of development without a long-term proven track record.  Therefore, the Company cannot predict the growth or long-term value, except to suggest FinTech sector appears to be a successful development within the Internet space.

Decarboxylated Hemp Absorption Products

CommerceByUs plans to manufacture and market hemp derived compounds as lozenges or strips for rapid sublingual absorption.  The pocket-sized lozenges or strips dissolve instantly in the mouth and to be sold under our trade and brand marks:  MoodDialers, CBDmoodDialers,   CBDsmarties and CBDMDstrips.  Upon federal approval of recreational marijuana and its derived compounds, the Company plans to manufacture and market under   THCmoodDialers,  THCsmarties and myTHCstrips. All titles have administrative authority within the Internet. 

Hemp Farm

Overview: CommerceByUs acquired the proprietary formulas, manufacturing methods, marketing studies and other assets, and plans to establish manufacturing facilities to produce decarboxylated hemp and hemp absorption products, and market them under its portfolio of trade, and domain registration names.  The future business activities will be structured as a division under the title Mood Dialers™.  Our oral products are in the development stage to create a high degree of bioavailability; desire quick dissolve under the tongue, where a vibrant network of blood vessels absorbs the full spectrum of cannabinoids directly into the bloodstream. Entering the bloodstream this way enhances the effects of hemp the same way smoking does. Unlike smoking, our research suggested that the fragile and volatile compounds are not subject to a high degree of heat. This heat (particularly when applied by a lighter) rapidly degrades the number of active compounds long before reaching the capillaries in the lungs. Bioavailability is not efficient and effective. Smoking may bring on a stronger effect in a faster time frame, but much of the drug is destroyed in the process. By absorbing the same amount of hemp under the tongue, the full spectrum of actives is consumed at a much higher percentage per milligram. 


Our planned application signature is far more efficient than smoking. As an alternative ingestible form of hemp, the effects of a 2.5 mg sublingual are not the same as a 2.5 mg edible. Digested CBD is transformed into a much more potent compound in the liver, which is then slow released into the bloodstream over 6 to 8 hours, providing a more predictable, controllable, and repeatable experience. The dosage induces an effect in a subject within about 30 seconds to about two minutes of placing the sublingual dosage form in the subject's oral cavity. In addition to the lag in time, ingestion is an inefficient form of administration. Decreased bioavailability in the digestive tract results in absorption of only 10% to 20% of cannabinoids, and oral administration causes hemp to "first pass metabolism," whereby the cannabinoids are first processed by the liver before entering the bloodstream.


Objective: The Company anticipates becoming a major manufacturer and marketer of hemp derived compounds for rapid sublingual absorption.  Initially, we plan to offer CBD based products in four flavors and marketed as  CBDSmarties™ - airtight package of 10, each containing five milligrams of Cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring compound with therapeutic properties. Upon federal approval of recreational marijuana we plan to manufacture and market THCsmarties™ - airtight package of 10, each containing four milligrams of cannabinoid (THC). Tetrahydrocannabinol, (THC) is a natural chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects.


Phase One:  With known proprietary formulas and methods of production in place, we plan to fabricate an operating unit to produce 10 packs of 10 strips per day for testing production and packaging methods. Since CBD based products are accepted, the form of the delivery system appears the only element determine commercialization.  Therefore, there would be a limited scope of further development, since the primary conclusion of risk would be whether the production and packaging method can be scaled-up.   


Phase Two:  Assuming Phase One is successful, the Company plans to incorporate the unit and consolidate its activities into a standalone entity. The intent would be to construct manufacturing and marketing facilities accommodating the future size of the market. With an industry – hemp and marijuana – that expects to grow exponentially in the next 25 years, the use of a personal delivery system would favor lozenges or strips for rapid sublingual absorption. As a standalone company, the Decarboxylated Hemp Absorption Products idea and development would warrant direct funding as a public company to support any level of potential growth. 


Funding Requirements:                                                                                                                          

Phase One: The cost would be $15,000 since all the components except raw material are known and available. 


Phase Two: Depending on the level of success in all level of its operation, scaling up would depend on producing capability and market share. Our projected funding would range for less than 25% of the newly formed standalone entity would be between $10 million to $50 million, depending on the scope and breath of the Decarboxylated Hemp Absorption Products market. 


Forecast:  The Company is projected to garner ½ of 1% gross sales of the estimated market of $368 million. The global legal marijuana and market size is expected to reach USD 73.6 billion by 2027, according to a new report published by Grand View Research, Inc.

Cannabidiol "CBD" Extraction Systems

CBD Extraction Systems mine chemical compounds from the sativa plant by dissolving its resin gland heads.  Extracting oil from plants dates to 3,500 BC and the basic methods are used to this day.  All the equipment utilized today are off-the-shelf-items and essentially inexpensive. However, in the distillation phase technology or associated sciences had not solved the riddle of maximum purity.  Our Industrial Ethanol Extraction Project (“IEEP”) may have answered the conundrum. Nevertheless, our disclosure notice declares the probability of failure may likely happen for any imaginable reason.   As for success it speaks for itself.  IEEP may be a viable solution to spawn a commercial, billion-dollar industry.

CBD Extraction

Overview: The Company is relying on proprietary research and technical studies recently acquired and to conduct further investigation of methods, equipment, supporting systems and technologies to produce industrial grade isotopes and compounds for clients or to third-party vendors.


Objectives: The Company plans to establish two phases to best develop the Company into a commercial entity. As an incubator of ideas, our corporate structure is based on the success or failure of a specific idea or business model. Accordingly, Phase One represents ideas or business models that require incubation and a term of developed until the viability of a commercial product or a service can be identified. Phase Two represents the commercialization of the product or service, whether to operate it as a unit of the Company, sold in whole or in part or distribute the entity to our shareholders. 


Phase One:  It is to design and fabricate a commercial level CBD system that has high efficiency and quality receive a pharmaceutical grade, certified as above 99% pure and can be consumed orally, sub lingual or mixed into foods or beverages. From the combined research to date, the Company’s efforts rely on the use of non-polar solvents, mainly ethanol, which possess low boiling points that permits extractors to gain a high level of CBD by eliminating the compromising conditions of extreme pressures or temperatures.  Our non-polar solvents configuration of low boiling points, less pressures, or temperatures within a zone of 50-150 PSI of pressure and to purify cannabis to its highest level and the lowest unit cost is the company’s objective. We have identified three ethanol methods to allow extractors to remove CBD without risking evaporating heat-sensitive or terpenes. Our prototype may have the potential to be scaled-up to process 2,000 pounds of biomass (dried flower weight) per day for five days. We plan, subject to funding and other considerations, to fabricated and test in Pennsylvania with this year’s hemp crop. 


Phase Two: It represents the commercialization of the product or service, whether to operate it as a unit of the Company, sold in whole or in part or distribute the entity to our shareholders. However, product or service commercialization may not be possible for any reason and the endeavor requires liquidation or dissolution. In such a case, the losses to the Company and its shareholders may be substantial.


Funding Requirements:  Phase One - The Company plans to support three levels of funding: Complete the R&D and built the prototype unit to confirm feasibility. Cost $11,000.  The proceeds are derived from working capital and the minimum proceeds from the Offering Circular.Build a commercial plant as the Industrial Ethanol Extraction Project (“IEEP”) to process 10,000 pounds of hemp biomass and product 1,000 pound of 99% pure CBD. The Company plans to test the system on four acres in Clarion County, Pennsylvania.  Cost: $375,000 excluding the purchase of land. The proceeds are intended to be derived from working capital and the maximum proceeds from the Offering Circular.  The Company may elect to; (a) Obtain a loan on any commercial configuration adequate to support IEEP, or (b) Sale of a minority equity interest to fund the project. 


(C) Scale up IEEP to 200,000 lb. per day or to a limitless design, 99.6+% solvent recovery with an all-in-one extraction system. The Company is capable of building and operating a plant of this magnitude providing that feasibility and working capital issues are available. Cost: $2.7 million. The proceeds are intended to be derived from operating cash flow and surplus working capital.  However, it is disclosed herein and in other sections of the Offering Circular that the Company may fail in its efforts and place its shareholders at risk if purity rates above 97% cannot be maintained.

Forecast: By 2025 the global cannabidiol sector size is expected to reach USD 9.69 billion, expanding at a 22.2% annual rate, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc.  Our principal market is cannabidiol (CBD) with a 99% purity for pharmaceuticals with its current and expected medical applications, which may represent the driving force over the forecast period. A primary risk may develop if cannabidiol lost its commercial appeal. Under this circumstance, the Company’s investment in cannabidiol related activities would place our shareholders at risk. 


Other Projects:  Over the medium and long term, CommerceByUs has begun the incubation process in six targeted categories other than what has been stated above. (a) Beverages and Products, (b) Vocation and Technical Academies, (c) Commercial Testing and Tracking Systems, (d) Bonded Warehouse Builders and Providers, (e) Hydroponic Product Manufacturer and Supplier, and (f) Media Content Provider.  In these categories the Company has acquired various assets that advanced the ideas beyond the conception stage. For example: In Beverages and Products, the Company owns marks and domain names for,,,, and a portfolio of “Sassy” brand titles. The intent is to develop national brands with joint venture partners that use hemp CBD as the infused ingredient.  In Vocation and Technical Academies, the Company owns and has designed training platforms. As for titles of,, DayTraderAlgorithm .com, the Company plans to defer until the introduction of, as stated above. The intent is to establish online trading schools and investment camps for minors.   In Commercial Testing and Tracking Systems, the Company owns and has in place to immediately launch its business model but deferred until the political environment for marijuana improves on a federal level. 


It is our intent to develop a management and personnel core for each idea or project category as it progresses within the incubation period. By building management from within, the Company can contain costs while retaining talent for the long term. By establishing standalone management for each evolving idea, the result would be greater efficiency and consistency to improve profit margins. However, the risks are also substantial since each idea from the outset may require “experts” in the specific field and a sufficient degree of personnel with knowledge, which the Company may not be able to afford or attract. In such a case, the idea may have merit, but the talent level of the personnel may not be affordable or available. Management plans to used its best efforts and due diligence to launch all of its ideas into commercial products. 

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